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FELINE Select/Indoor Formula/Low Fat

Also formulated for the cat enthusiast who demands the highest quality, and yet is seeking a moderate fat content for weight control. Naturally preserved with no by products... an ideal choice for all cat owners. Great formula for the Indoor Cats who like to lay around.

Crude Protein 28.0% Minimum
Crude Fat 10% Minimum
Crude Fiber 3.0% Maximum
Moisture 10.0% Maximum

10 lbs.  $23.49
25 lbs.  $41.99
50 lbs.  $71.99
100 lbs.$137.99
Feeding Instructions



The perfect choice for the cat enthusiast. The unique combination of ingredients unite all the essential nutrients to maximize your cat's health. Great formula for the active cat and for Kittens.

Crude Protein 32.0% Minimum
Crude Fat 20.0% Minimum
Crude Fiber 4.0% Maximum
Moisture 10.0% Maximum

10 lbs.  $24.49
25 lbs.  $47.99
50 lbs.  $82.99
100 lbs.  $157.99
Feeding Instructions


Eagle Pack Holistic Canned Ingredients

Ocean Fish & Tuna Formula

Salmon & Shrimp Formula

Chicken & Lamb Formula

Turkey & Barley Formula

5.5 oz. Can $1.49 ea.
Case (24 cans) $31.99

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