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Our Delivery System

It's easy.  We are 'Meals on Wheels' for your dogs and cats.  We are like any other specialized pet food store, but we come to you.  There is no commitment.  In fact, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  There is just one difference….we only carry Natural Pet Pantry Super Premium Dog and Cat Foods. 

We do not require you to sign an agreement of any kind.  There are no service plans.  All you have to do is call us if and when you are ready to re-order, and we will deliver your order on your next scheduled delivery date.

We are here to make your lives a bit easier when it comes to caring for your dogs and/or cats.  We hope you will be happy with our quality foods and service, and keep calling us for your pet food.

To makes things easier on you, we have come up with a delivery system that is efficient and easy to remember -

    1. Call us to make arrangements.  We will be happy to discuss any concerns or needs your pet may need.  We carry 15 varieties of food, both dry and canned, so there is definitely something your dog or cat can benefit from.  Once we establish which blend is appropriate, the amount that is accurate for you, we will schedule a convenient delivery date.  You can either pay us by cash or check upon arrival, or we can bill your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or DISCOVER).
    2. We will deliver your order on the scheduled delivery date.  We offer you free use of our bins, but if you would like to use your own, that is not a problem.    We offer you a strong, clean, 'air tight' bin to use as long as you use our food and service.  The food order is placed in a clear, plastic liner inside your bin.  This keeps your food fresh, and our bin clean.
    3. About three quarters of the way through your food, you will find an OOPS! Card.  This is just a friendly reminder to call us to place an order.  You will begin to realize how often your dog or cat needs their food.  Give us a call, leave a message or simply email us.  We keep records of how often you order, which food your pet is eating, and your last billing option.
    4. If you decide you no longer want to order your food through us, all we ask is you call us to make arrangement to pick up our bin

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