Feeding Instructions





Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals          


Natural Pet Pantry recently announced enhancements to their pet food formulas, making Natural Pet Pantry's pet food SUPER PREMIUM in the world market.  The improvements are designed to enhance your pets' health and assure our customers of our ongoing commitment to Quality and Customer Service is our Specialty


To our valued customers, we recommend feeding their "best friends" our super premium food in dry form.  Feeding this way will tend to optimize the benefits for your animal's teeth and gums.  On occasion, you may wish to give a special treat, but for the most part, we recommend that feeding a consistent diet of Natural Pet Pantry's super premium food will provide your pet with 100% complete and balanced nutrition.  Please ensure that plenty of fresh drinking water is available at all times.


Recommendation for Feeding Adult Dogs


Most adult dogs can be fed once daily.  However, when greater activity or other factors require higher feed intake, twice a day feeding is recommended.  Hard working or lactating dogs may need three times the normal serving.  Dogs should be maintained in good body condition and not allowed to become overweight.  The food intake required to maintain good body condition will vary, depending upon age, activity and environment.  Consequently, the amount of food required for each dog will vary and should be adjusted accordingly.  For an average dog with normal activity the following amounts of Maintenance Diet Dog Food are recommended for daily feeding.



Feeding Suggestions: (Standard 8 oz. measuring cup)

Dog Weight (lbs.) Daily Feeding Amount (cups)

0 to 15 to 1

16 to 25 1 to 2

26 to 50 2 to 3

51 to 75 3 to 5

76 to 100 5 to 7

Over 100 Add cup for each additional 15 lbs. of body weight.


Recommendation for Feeding Puppies

You may start feeding Maintenance Diet Dog Food as soon as puppies start to nibble at solid food, usually by five weeks of age.  Moisten Maintenance Diet with water.  Mix two parts food and one part liquid.  Gradually reduce the liquid as the puppy grows older and becomes accustomed to dry food. Free choice feeding is recommended.