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  When it comes to your pets, nothing tickles your fancy more than to watch the expression on their face after finishing a favorite meal. That is, until you discover you are close to, or out of food. Oh, the joy of another trip to pick up more pet food!  
  That is precisely why we formed Natural Pet Pantry … to keep your fancy tickled, your back from strain, your pet happy and your pet bin full of quality, nutritious food.  
  At Natural Pet Pantry, we do not charge for delivery. It is completely free. And you will love our prices. This is why our list of customers continues to grow. You will receive premiere dog and cat foods that are naturally nutritious and extraordinarily palatable! Plus, you will never have to make another trip to the store to lug another heavy bag of pet food home.  
  Don't take our word for it. Discover for yourself a whole new way of feeding your pets that promotes their health, economically and conveniently. Guaranteed, or your money back!  

Why All Natural Foods?

Concentrating on the most damaging preservatives, it is now widely accepted that the twenty-fold increase in cancer among pets is primarily due to the use of preservatives. Among them are BHT, BHA, and Ethoxyquin. These preservatives also cause liver, kidney, lung and other organ damage. Understand that whether the food is good or bad, our pets eat the same food everyday, which compounds the opportunity for improved health or extensive damage over time - the choice is ours. Our foods are straight from the manufacturer, and only use natural preservatives, ensuring freshness and quality.

Antibiotic & Hormone Free Meats

Our Chicken Meal originates in facilities handling chicken for our dinner table. Our Chicken Meal is antibiotic free and has no added hormones. It is an excellent source of Omega 6 fatty acids, a natural coat and skin conditioner.

Pork is the most consumed meat in the world. Pork Meal digestibility is second only to Fish Meal and far more digestible than beef. Fat levels are about the same as our fish meal. Our Pork Meal comes from facilities preparing meat for your dinner table, and is shipped fresh. Parasites are non-existent in the U.S. hog industry today.
Pork Meal, unlike bacon, is very low in nitrates. Pork Meal is an expensive ingredient so you seldom see it in other pet food brands. It is a hypoallergenic ingredient. It has an excellent amino acid and Omega fatty acid profile. 

Lamb Meal is imported. The sheep are free range and grass fed. Lamb Meal is a hypoallergenic ingredient and is used in several of our hypoallergenic formulas.

Fish Meal is a protein rich, hypoallergenic meal

We choose the most digestible sources of animal protein as seen in the chart below: 


Meat Diets

% Digestible

                          Used in Pet Pantry's*                          and Our Natural Diets













* Lamb is used as a hypoallergenic ingredient in 2 formulas.

Beef is NOT used in any of our dry formulas.

Another benefit of three animal protein sources is that there is less protein from any one source and therefore less chance of an allergic reaction, or at least a less severe reaction, to any specific protein in the diet. Allergies are caused primarily by the protein content of an ingredient. Fats have no protein content. Thus, a pet could be allergic to
chicken, but not chicken fat.  

We don't dilute our meat ingredients with water. 

We use a very concentrated form of meats known as meals, which are 11 times more protein-concentrated than "meat". Foods that list "real chicken/beef" or chicken/beef first include the water weight in this ingredient. Chicken/beef in this form consists of 70% water.

Some Brands lead you to expect this much "real chicken/Beef: 100%

Your dog is actually getting this much: 30%

When Natural Pet Pantry states you are getting this much chicken meal: 100%

Your are getting this much chicken meal: 100% 

* The manufacturer counts the weight of the water, and lists chicken first. With the water removed, your pet is getting 70% less "chicken" than you were led to believe. Note that four grain products, and by-products are now listed ahead of chicken.


Free Home Delivery
   We bring our quality foods directly to your home.
Convenience   Through our bin system and efficient reordering process, all you do is call when low, place the bin out and we replenish your food.
Competitive Prices   Even though our foods are Natural, premium quality, our price-per-pound is lower than most comparable brands. And, as compared to brands containing by-products and less quality ingredients, we are very competitive on a cost-per-feeding basis.
Quality Food   Pet Pantry pet foods are one of the finest products available in the United States. Our customers see improvements in their pets' coat and overall vitality. Naturally, our ingredients are of the finest and freshest quality.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 
  If you are not completely satisfied with our foods, we will refund your money.

 15 Varieties of Premium Dog & Cat Food.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders.

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This Is One of The Pet Pantry's Finest Moments. Healthy Parents and Healthy Pups, All Loving Natural Pet Pantry's
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